AMA Recap with Metarim

Monday, 24 January 2022 at 7 PM

Toby Tobias : Hello, I’m Toby Tobias as CEO of Metarim. Nice to meet you all!


Toby Tobias : The Meta Rim NFT is a collection of 8, 888 unique mecha avatars which are designed with the concept of quality of quantity. Each avatar, containing hundreds of elements, is an original artwork with its own colour palette, and distinctive attributes.
First and foremost these will be works of art with a collectors value, featuring completely unique NFTs designed to ignite the imagination of the mecha fandom. Bringing mecha fans an exciting rare work of art that will be treasured as part of the Meta Rim narrative.
Secondly, these will serve as the bridge for us to build our community and communication for the upcoming Gamefi games, which will bring additional value and profits as the projects progress and into the future.

Toby Tobias : The international design team has been working hard to create an exciting, futuristic and immersive mecha experience for GameFi players.

Through a series of iterative experiments, we have created models based on stylised drawings and modern mechanical aesthetics by using hard surface modelling.

In the game, we developed mecha with different styles based on the various topographical, ecological, mythological and social dimensions of 10 regions of the world. These locations cover five continents, mainly around the Pacific Rim, including the USA, Brazil, Egypt, Argentina, Turkey, Japan, China, Russia, Australia and Vietnam.

We designed these mechas in the hope that they would evoke a sense of belonging and place, as well as inspiring curiosity and adventure.

We empower MetaRim NFT a variety of play methods to meet pilots’ different needs. We will always ensure the value of the mecha.

Toby Tobias : Firstly, MetaRim NFT has a specific hierarchy based on the strength and scarcity of mecha. The mecha are divided into 7 levels:

First generation < Second generation < Third generation < Fourth generation < Fifth generation < Original generation. Star custom NFTs and co-branded NFTs belong to Sixth generation of mecha.

In addition, MetaRim NFT will have synthetic destruction mechanism.

3 first generation mecha can synthesize 1 second generation mecha.

3 second generation mecha can synthesize 1 third generation mecha.

In this order, the synthesis limit is five generations of mecha, and the original generation of mecha can not be synthesized. In the process of synthesis, the same amount of energy source RIM will be dropped each time.

Lastly, pilots who hold MetaRim NFT will receive token airdrops in some ways.

Toby Tobias : This is actually quite a straight forward question.

Traditional game is more like a business, while users are purchasing from the service provider not only paying for the game experience, but virtual items as well, it is a purely business to client model.

While Gamefi project is more like a ecosystem, in another word, a society, which all demand and supply are delivered by players, the service provider only act as the role to maintain the service, more like a government instead of the seller for everything.

Traditional company might not like this idea as it differs the benefit model which they enjoys, the monopoly, but this is the situation that is going to change, players nowadays tends to prefer more open option experience, they want to create content, items, even experiences, scripts by their own.

Toby Tobias : MetaRim Game is a global 3D graphics action game developed with Unity engine, combined with NFT+DeFI technology. We will enrich the gameplay and create an excellent economic system, so that players can feel the fun and satisfaction of making money at the same time.
The mode perfectly interprets the ‘play to earn’ concept.

In addition, MetaRim Game brings a unique mechanism in to deeply integrate the released NFT with the game, allowing MetaRim NFT holders to enjoy more benefits.

Toby Tobias : We sold out 7,777 NFT mecha. We just announced NFTs’ rare attributes and play methods. Also, we will public these synthesis features soon, then allow users to maximize the use of existing mecha.

Meanwhile, our game is under the intense development, and we expect to have the first round of testing version in late Feb. We will release an update version with more features every month.

After that, we will further develop the metaverse by using more social elements to build a MetaRim world. In that space, users can build their own house and open their own stores. We will also build some public space, including a movie theater, galleries, a concert hall, etc.

Toby Tobias : A good token economy system should contain a reasonable cycle of issuance, recovery and reissuance, instead an unlimited supply or short-term mechanism. In MetaRim, players need to use RIM tokens and Spar tokens to boost their characters and get more incentives in PVP and Arena for more tokens, which is a healthy cycle involving demand and supply.

On the other hand, the unique NFT synthesis mechanism ensures that a certain percentage of in-game earnings (RIM tokens) can be gained, even if people who are quite new to the game.

Toby Tobias : MetaRim has 40k followers worldwide. In addition, MetaRim form a lot of partnerships with well-known institutions and communities, such as SHIMA CAPITAL, Babyswap, HOTBIT, REDLINE DAO, etc. We have carefully selected our partnerships to increase our international reach; our investors are from a range of countries and regions, and are able to open up the local markets and connect with localised resources and communities.

So far over 16 stars have actively shown interest in the project on social media, promoting and supporting MetaRim. Some stars worth mentioning include: NBA/CBA basketball star Yi Jianlian, Luu Brothers (actors in Pacific Rim), Kiirstin Leigh, Jada Kingdom, Kreesha Turner, Kevin Shin, Griffin Johnson, Min, Mighty Mouth. These celebrities have all changed their profile pictures to MetaRim NFT mecha.

All these support are ready for our game released.

Toby Tobias : Our native token is called Energy Source RIM. We have confirmed with Babyswap to do IDO on 10th Feb.
We will cooperate with Gate and Kucoin exchange

Toby Tobias : Firstly, it is better for you to get our MetaRim NFT first, cuz it will give you more benefits early on.
Secondly, starting to play the game early will allow you to get high-level characters and gear before other players coming in. This kind of advantage provides you huge token gains in world boss battles and PVP arenas.
Lastly, after we launch the game, users can login to the game through our website.


Toby Tobias : Our official website has a description of our team members, you can check it.

Toby Tobias : The in-game tokens are used to stabilize the economic system of the entire game, and the game has the gameplay of consuming spar to upgrade mechs. There are also some other ways to consume tokens. Players can boost their earnings and burn tokens through this mechanism.

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