We are happy to announce, we are hiring become Hidden Gems Capital Team

The main focus in search to be part of the team

  1. Mod Global
  2. Mod Indonesia
  3. Copywriter
  4. (You can fill other job in the form)

Benefits of being Hidden Gems Capital Team

  1. Guaranteed allocation
  2. Guaranteed IDO slots
  3. Salary

If you are interested in being part of the Hidden Gems Capital team, you can (Apply Here)



We are happy to announce KOLS & Influencer Program

  • What is KOL ?

KOL stands for Key Opinion Leader. These KOLs are usually highly trusted by their followers because they are considered experts in a particular field.

So it can be concluded that KOLs and Influencers are the same, the difference is that KOLs have more specific targets, for influencers only have less specific targets.

Benefits of being KOL Hidden Gems Capital

  1. Private Investment Slot in Projects
  2. Public IDO Slot in Launchpad
  3. Personal Community Investment Slot
  4. Early Community Role
  5. Community Support from Big Project
  6. Special Private Group For KOLs

What are you waiting for? Come on apply now (Apply Here)



Hidden Gems Capital

Hidden Gems is Community driven Venture Capital we focus on being a blockchain advisor and investment firm in the blockchain space